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Lady Goo Goo banned in the United Kingdom

Lady Gaga filed an injunction against the parent company of Moshi Monsters.  Moshi Monsters is a website specifically geared towards children and described as a social networking site.  The company has a character called “Lady Goo Goo” that dresses similarly to Lady Gaga and sings songs similar to Lady Gaga.  For example, Lady Goo Goo sings a song called “Peppy-razzi” which is similar to Lady Gaga’s song “Paparazzi.”

The United Kingdom High Court granted the injunction.  The injunction banned Moshi Monsters from promoting, advertising, selling, distributing, or making available to the public the “Moshi Dance” or any work performed by Lady Goo Goo.  Read more about trademark protection for Lady Gaga in the United Kingdom in The Guardian’s article and in E! Online‘s article.

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