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Artist Profiting off of other People’s Instagram photos

Earlier this week, the Washington Post published an article about the Richard Prince Exhibit at the Frieze Art Fair in New York City. In his exhibit, Prince enlarged screenshots of Instagram posts by other people.  Then, he sold all the artwork with some individual pieces going for $90,000.

Apparently, the proceeds are not going to the original Instagram poster.  One of the original Instagram posters stated that she did not give express permission to Prince to duplicate her work.  That being said, did the original poster have the right to exclusive use of her photo regardless of whether or not it was posted on social media?  Would the same Instagram photo have been sold for as much as it did if it was sold by the original poster?  Keep these rhetorical questions in mind the next time you post a photo on your social media feed.

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Why not try a Postnup?

Happy belated Fourth of July, everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed their day off and the beautiful weather!

Now on to more newsworthy matters…

You frequently hear about pre-nuptial agreements in marriages, but there is a growing trend of post-nuptial agreements.  CNBC and the Today Show recently publicized an article about postnups available here.  The article specifically states: 

Couples consider “postnups for three main reasons: They ran out of time to put together a prenup, they are trying to give their marriage a last chance or one party receives a large gift or inheritance, such as a family vacation home, with strings attached.

Sometimes a postnup winds up simply making a divorce agreement easier to reach. Rupert Murdoch and his wife, Wendi, signed a postnup after each of their two daughters was born, so the courts will decide how those might apply.

Kelley Holland, the author of the article, goes further to imply that the use of postnups will go up due to the recent changes with DOMA.  

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Casey Anthony Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

On Saturday, NBC News reported that Casey Anthony filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida.  Disregarding all the publicity that she has received and the recent Casey Anthony Lifetime Movie, Anthony alleges that:

[S]he had only $1,084; here are her main debts, according to the Sentinel report:

  • About $500,000 to defense attorney Jose Baez
  • $145,660.21: Orange County Sheriff’s Office
  • $68,540: Internal Revenue Service
  • $61,505: Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • $10,283.90: to the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation.”

In total, according to the Daily Beast article, Anthony owes “roughly $792,000” and the majority of the debt is for her defense attorney.

Even though Anthony’s criminal trial is over, she still has three active civil lawsuits.  The jury found Anthony not guilty of the murder of her two year old daughter in her infamous criminal trial.

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