Dealing with Debt

Remember to seek out resources when you are dealing with your New Year resolutions.  If your 2015 goal is to deal with your debt, check out these helpful websites (listed below) and articles that offer a different way of thinking about money.

Mohammad Majd’s Article on CNN Money About Investing

Federal Trade Commission’s Guide on Dealing with Debt

Equal Justice Work’s Student Debt Relief Webinars

Department of Education’s Repaying Your Student Loans Website

National Student Loan Data System’s (NSLDS) Website for accessing a full list of your public, not private, student loans

Free credit reports through from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian (Please note that at the time I did this posting, the website was down… hopefully, it will be back up soon.)

Harvard’s Guide and Descriptive Chart to Bar Exam Loans that is helpful for anyone in need of a bar loan

The links I listed above are free.  However, if you are overwhelmed and you would rather pay someone to help you with your debt problems there are two agencies I am aware of that are not scams.

The first agency is Student Loan Giant.  This company helps graduates deal with their student loan debt by either reducing it, consolidating it, or offering debt advice.  If you are eligible for a payment reduction on your loans or loan forgiveness, then they do the paperwork for you for a fee.  The company is based out of Florida, but they help graduates across the nation and in most states.  I heard about this program when I need a bankruptcy consult.  I spoke with one of the masterminds behind Student Loan Giant, Ric Feinberg, who is an expert in bankruptcies.  While he no longer practices law because he fully dedicates his time to assisting graduates with their student loan debt, my conversation with him was very insightful and informative.  I am happy to say this is one of those companies that is not a scam.

The second agency is Valley Credit Repair.  This company helps people repair their credit for a fee.  Kim Carpentier, the owner of Valley Credit Repair, is based out of Andover, Massachusetts, but he deals with debtors across the entire state.  He spoke at a Worcester County Bankruptcy Bar event and he talked about the different ways to repair a person’s bad credit.  Also, this company is not a scam.  So, if you need to repair your credit, he can be a good resource.

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