Full House at the FTC

In April 2014, the fifth Commissioner for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was finally confirmed.  Here is the list of Commissioners and the links to their bios:

Julie Brill (Democrat, Female, April 2010 – September 2016)

Terrell McSweeny (Democrat, Female, April 2014 – September 2017)

Maureen Ohlhausen (Republican, Female, April 2012 – September 2018)

Chairwoman Edith Ramirez (Democrat, Female, April 2010 – September 2015)

Josh Wright (Republican, Male, January 2013 – September 2019)

You may notice that the terms vary in time.  At most, only three commissioners can be members of the same political party.  Generally, the Commissioners may serve a term of seven years.

The first five original Commissioners were appointed in 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, and 1921 on a staggered basis.  Thus, any subsequent Commissioner adopted the same term period of its predecessor.

For example, if a Commissioner resigns mid-term, then his/her successor will not receive the full seven year appointment but instead they will only get the amount of time in their term that is left from the original appointment.  Specifically, you will see that Ramirez’s term ends in 2015, Brill’s term ends in 2016, McSweeny’s term ends in 2017, Ohlhausen’s term ends in 2018, and Wright’s term ends in 2019.  However, Wright was sworn in and appointed before McSweeny so Wright will serve a 6 year term while McSweeny will only serve a 3 year term.

If you want to see a graphical history of the FTC Commissioners, check out this chart.

Congratulations to the FTC Commissioners and their full house!

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