Potential Repercussions: Lab Closes After Accusations of Evidence Tampering

This could be a prosecutor’s worst nightmare.  Earlier today the Hinton State Laboratory was closed due to allegations of evidence tampering.  This laboratory located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts is under investigation by the Department of Public Health and the State Police.  Read more about the specific details here.

The fall out from this investigation will be severe.  Defense attorneys have already started questioning whether or not other drug evidence is tainted.  But, the investigation is still pending and the final results are unknown.

With one drug lab closed due to the allegations, the drug evidence from several counties will be analyzed out of a different drug lab in Sudbury, Massachusetts.  The closure could delay criminal drug cases because it will take longer to analyze evidence.

NECN listed a news broadcast about the matter available here.  The Boston Herald also published an article about the dilemma available here.

UPDATE 12/1/2013:

Former chemist, Annie Dookhan, was charged with obstruction of justice, perjury, and tampering with evidence in association with the above mentioned drug lab scandal.  On November 22, 2013, Dookhan was sentenced to three to five years in prison followed by two years probation in Suffolk Superior Court.  The chemist admitted guilt to faking drug test results and 27 other crimes.  Read more details about this case in this Huffington Post article, USA Today article, Boston Globe article, and Wall Street Journal article.

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