Fresco Fiasco: Art Restoration Mistaken for Vandalism

In Madrid, authorities consider whether or not they should sue a local parishioner who attempted to restore a religious fresco.  The New York Times published an article about the fresco fiasco.  Check out the full article here.  The first line of the article reads:

A case of suspected vandalism in a church in a northeastern village in Spain has turned out to be probably the worst art restoration project of all time.

Click on this link for pictures of the art restoration mistaken for vandalism.  An elderly parishioner attempted to restore one of her favorite religious representations in a church which resulted in a “monkeylike appearance.”  She made these changes in plain view.  Do you think she is culpable?


UPDATE 10/8/2012:  NPR published an updated article about the woman who attempted to restore the religious fresco.  Currently, she is asking for $2,600 or 2000 euros for her work on the artwork.  Read the full article here.


UPDATE 2/20/2016:  After a few years, the notoriety of the worst art restoration project has brought tourists to the area and resulted in a booming tourism market.  Ryan Air has added another airline in a neighboring town in response to the popularity.  Read the latest on the turn of events here.

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