Facebook Alters Email Addresses in Users’ Contacts

Has Facebook gone too far in the hopes of becoming more efficient?  Has Facebook crossed the proverbial line of messing too much with users’ stuff and invading their privacy?  Or, was Facebook justified in making alterations to users’ contacts and address books because users gave permission to Facebook to access these features?

Yesterday, CNet published an article about how Facebook attempts to unify user email and user contacts resulted in replacing people’s work and other email addresses in their contacts with Facebook’s user assigned email addresses.  The full article is available here.  To make matters worse, some emails accidentally sent to the user’s Facebook email address were never received by the intended recipient.

Violet Blue, the author of the CNet article, writes,

Facebook users say contacts’ e-mail addresses on phones and personal devices have been altered without their consent — and their e-mail communication is being redirected elsewhere, and lost.

I did not have my Facebook contacts synced with the other apps on my iPhone or home computer which may have prevented contacts alterations from occurring.

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