Class of 2011 Law Grads Face the Worst Job Market

The employment statistics for last year’s class of 2011 graduates are out.  Every year, the Association for Career Legal Professionals (NALP) collects data on recent law graduates and how they are thriving in the legal and non-legal job market.  The 2011 numbers were released and the job market is looking very glum for these graduates.

NALP’s article titled, “Class of 2011 Law School Grads FaceWorst Job Market Yet—Less Than Half Find Jobs in Private Practice” is available here.  But, Above the Law wrote a succinct summary of NALP’s findings.

David Lat, founder of Above the Law, wrote:

[T]he class of 2010 graduates did even worse than the class of 2009 — no small feat, given how rough a year 2009 was for legal employment. So it’s impressive, in an admittedly perverse way, that the class of 2011 fared even worse on the employment front than the class of 2010.

Lat reiterates that the employment numbers for 2011 law school graduates are the worst in nearly 20 years.  Read the full article available here.

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