Two Dozen Trucks Seized from Housing Authority in Baltimore

Housing Authorities are suffering losses from budget cuts through state and federal funding.  The Housing Authority in Baltimore had their vehicles seized to pay for an outstanding judgment.  Will the Housing Authority survive after this seizure?  What is the likelihood of the Housing Authority’s ability to sustain itself with such a loss?  Without a Housing Authority in Baltimore, what will people who demand on public housing do?  In this situation, who really suffers?  Will there a backlash on the public housing recipients?  I am in no way saying that the Housing Authority’s behavior is excused.  But, do the people in public housing suffer inevitably with either judgment? 

Read more below for details.

Below is an excerpt of an article that was published by The Daily Record.  You need a login to access the article, but the full version is available here if you do have account access.

The Baltimore City Sheriff will begin to seize nearly two dozen trucks, computers and other office supplies owned by the Housing Authority of Baltimore City Wednesday to send them to auction to raise cash to pay an outstanding lead paint poisoning judgment against the agency.

The property will be collected as part of a levy against the authority, which has been ordered to pay nine judgments of nearly $12 million under orders from state courts to victims of lead paint poisoning.

The auction of the trucks and equipment is centered on one case, and is expected to raise a portion of a $2.5 million judgment, said Evan M. Goldman, a Baltimore attorney who specializes in collections who is working for the plaintiffs.

Paul Graziano, HABC’s executive director, said last spring the agency was unable to pay the lead poisoning judgments because it would deplete its resources. With a bulk of the authority’s assets owned by the federal government, much of it is out of reach for the plaintiffs.

But officials have identified a small fleet of trucks that is not owned by the federal government, Goldman said.

Beginning Wednesday, deputies have been ordered to begin tagging 21 vehicles, already identified by vehicle identification numbers, to ready them for auction, Goldman said.

“We are disappointed that HABC has not voluntarily paid the outstanding judgment, and has instead put us in the unenviable position of having a levy executed against its non-federal property,” Goldman said Tuesday.

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