Gardner Essay on Legal Aid

I received an email with this article titled, “Equal Justice under the Law – An Essay” by O. Max Gardner III. I wanted to share with you an excerpt:

But the truly sad and indeed bad news for our system of justice is not directly related to us but to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who do not have any level of legal representation. It is not fair and there is really no hope when an untrained and non-represented consumer must go into court alone.

So, if you start feeling sorry for yourself; if you get down on the cases you lost this year or the ones you should have won; if your start to give up or give in on our mission; if you feel that what we are all doing is not worth the mental and emotional price we all must pay; if you are tired of the threats and the truly dumbass lawyers on the other side; if you think any of these things, then pause for a moment or two and think about the millions of Americans who have had no legal assistance at all and the millions more who will have no legal assistance in 2012 and beyond. Think of them and the fear they face every day. Think of the uncertainty of their lives and of their children. Think about their lack of hope and their feelings of total helplessness.

And when you are finished thinking, then give yourself a very hard and an extremely strong kick in the ass and get ready to go out there and fight the good fight every single day of 2012. And, every day means Saturdays and Sundays and holidays. And, every way means anything that is legal and ethical and proper and within the rules. We always play inside the lines.

The torch is in the air and like it or not we are the only ones left to catch it!


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