Casinos Legalized in Massachusetts

Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill legalizing casinos in Massachusetts.  He stated that adding casinos in the state will create job opportunities and help the economy.  It will be interesting to see how casinos in Massachusetts will impact the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.  The casino market and competition will expand and perhaps this will improve products associated with the casino scene.  Lobbyists opposed to the bill argued potential moral hazards that could result from the new casinos in the state.

The Boston Globe published an article with further details on the new law.  Most notably:

The focus on gambling now shifts to where casinos will be located. The bill allows for three casinos in separate regions of the state: one in the Boston area that extends to Worcester; one for Western Massachusetts; and a third for Southeastern Massachusetts. The bill gives the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe a leg up in winning the right to operate in the Southeastern part of the state.

Read more from the Boston Globe article here.

The biscuit shape is similar to poker chips. Round and stackable.

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