How Many is Too Many Gadgets in Court?

I am not licensed to practice law in Massachusetts yet.  Depending on which courthouse I go to, I have to give up my cell phone because it is not allowed in the court building.  If you are a licensed attorney, you may bring your phone into the court house.  For everyone else, a phone is not allowed.

Usually, local businesses will profit from this rule and the closest building to the court house will have a place where you can check your phone in for $1 or $3.  Again, this is not the rule for every courthouse.  The Boston Municipal Court and Suffolk Superior let you bring your cell phone.  Dorchester, Cambridge, Chelsea District Courts do not.  Though, Chelsea District Court lets me bring in my cell phone because I am 3:03 Certified.

However, court house security has always allowed me to bring in my laptop or kindle.  So, how many gadgets in court is too many?  When conducting a trial is having a phone, laptop, iPad, Kindle, pad of paper, and documents all a bit overkill?  I do not own an iPad, nor have I ever used a laptop during any sessions in court.  But, does using an iPad during court work for people?  Or does it bother and distract the jury?

Stacked biscuits are like stacked technology gadgets. Too many and they tumble and fall over. But, don't these look delicious?

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